Concert Dresses

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Adele Dress

Adele Dress  $59.00

Aimee Dress

Aimee Dress  $59.00

Alayna Dress

Alayna Dress  $59.00

Alexis Dress

Alexis Dress  $59.00

Alixandra Dress

Alixandra Dress  $59.00

Andante Dress

Andante Dress  $59.00

Andrea Dress

Andrea Dress  $49.00

Arietta Dress

Arietta Dress  $51.00

Arietta Crepe Shrug Dress

Crepe Shrug  $29.00

Arioso Dress

Arioso Dress  $59.00

Aubrey Dress

Aubrey Dress  $62.00

Ava Dress

Ava Dress  $57.00

Cadeza Dress

Cadenza Dress  $51.00

Candace Dress

Candace Dress  $59.00

Cantalina Dress

Cantalina Dress  $69.00

Caprice Dress

Caprice Dress  $49.00

Carina Dress

Carina Dress  $59.00

Chorale Dress

Chorale Dress  $55.00

Concerto Dress

Concerto Dress  $49.00

Corelli Dress

Corelli Dress  $52.00

Dakota Dress

Dakota Dress  $63.00 

Elyse Dress

Elyse Dress  $59.00

Gavotta Dress

Gavotta Dress  $69.00

Hanna Dress

Hanna Dress  $49.00

Harmonia Dress

Harmonia Dress  $60.00

Harmonique Dress

Harmonique Dress  $58.00

Isabella Dress

Isabella Dress  $60.00

Jacquelyn Dress

Jacquelyn Dress  $61.00

Julia Dress

Julia Dress  $59.00

Kasandra Dress

Kasandra Dress  $61.00

Kennedy Dress

Kennedy Dress  $59.00

Kristen Dress

Kristen Dress  $54.00

Laurel Dress

Laurel Dress  $49.00

Leggiero Dress

Leggiero Dress  $59.00

Lieber Dress

Lieder Dress  $60.00

Lillian Dress

Lillian Dress  $59.00

Lumina Dress

Lumina Dress  $59.00

Marielle Dress

Marielle Dress  $63.00

Marisa Dress

Marisa Dress  $65.00

Melisma Dress

Melisma Dress  $61.00

Nicole Dress

Nicole Dress  $64.00


Oratorio Dress  $59.00

Ostinato Dress

Ostinato Dress  $65.00

Pageant Dress

Pageant Dress  $67.00

Payton Dress

Payton Dress  $54.00

Rebecca Dress

Rebecca Dress  $63.00

Saige Dress

Saige Dress  $59.00

Saraband Dress

Saraband Dress  $65.00

Sasha Dress

Sasha Dress  $57.00

Sofia Dress

Sofia Dress  $55.00

Soltanto Dress

Soltanto Dress  $59.00

Verdigris Dress

Verdigris Dress  $62.00

Quadrille Tunic

Quadrille Tunic  $29.00

Circular Skirt

Circular Skirt  $28.00

Legato Skirt

Legato Skirt  $32.00

Adult Brahm Tops

Adult Brahm Tops  $36.00

Youth Brahm Tops

Youth Brahm Tops  $33.00

Adult Luisa Top

Adult Luisa Tops  $39.00

Youth Luisa Top

Youth Luisa Tops  $35.00

Neoclassic Tunic

Neoclassic Tunic  $29.00

Gabrielle Top

Gabrielle Top  $37.00

Helena Top

Helena Top  $35.00

Add style to your performance with our concert dresses and separates. Dramatic combinations like black/white as well as vibrant colors set the perfect tone: sophisticated, classic, elegant, and fun. 

  • A mix of concert dresses and separates (tunics, tops, shirts, skirts, pants, etc.) to match the right garment to the right performer
  • Various styles, necklines, lengths, adornments, fabrics, skirts, waists, sleeve length, and price ranges
  • Beautiful silhouettes and lines designed to flatter everyone
  • Breathable, comfortable, washable, and wrinkle-resistant fabric options…
    easy to wear, care for, and pack
  • Durable fabrics give you years of performance
  • Click here for information on requesting samples and placing your order. 

Don't see your style? It may not appear in our published gallery/catalog,
but we are still happy to fill your order as 97% of our pieces are never discontinued.
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